molokai’s simple spiral
and orchid’s chorus
kahili’s summer cycle
and forgiving hibiscus

setting breeze
wash me clean
for better things
sew me closed
open cuts
wet my clothes
and then recede

make me forget the
desolate resonance
hurting still
nothing ever
happened since

molokai’s simple spiral
is nothing in your absence


from Modern Sounds in Island and Popular Music, released June 27, 2016




Micah Manaitai Los Angeles, California

Micah Manaitai is a 21 year old multi-instrumentalist and producer born in Guam and currently based in Los Angeles. Modern Sounds is his second release written, recorded and mixed between 2013 and 2015. Reclaiming the millennial softboy aesthetics of cuffed Aloha shirts in the name of island
heritage, Manaitai's music is a dense amalgam of multicultural thought, snark, and vulnerability.
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